Bomb Your Drives: Four Tips for Longer Tee Shots

Bomb your drives[2328]

300 yards, straight down-the-middle. For most, this comes around midnight with eyes firmly shut and an accompanying ensemble of snoring. However, there are some easy drills/improvements you can do to increase the distance of your average drive. Below, I outline four things the average golfer can do to increase their overall driving distance.

Get Fit for a Driver

This may seem pretty obvious, but many amateur golfers still pick a driver straight off the rack. For most, this isn’t the best setup for your game. And for those still using a driver made in the mid-2000s, it’s time to move on!

Driver technology today is phenomenal, and can really help to add distance and accuracy to your drives. Whether it be through the correct shaft weight, shaft stiffness, or head setup, getting fit for a driver is a must for anyone looking to increase distance.

Widen Your Arc

Having a wider arc gives the golfer greater leverage and rotational power throughout the swing. To do this, feel as though your right arm is extending through the backswing and, on the downswing, feel as though you are keeping the clubface away from the ball as long as possible. This gives a sweeping, shallow angle of attack. Providing you have the correct spin rates from your driver setup, this WILL increase your driving distance.

Improve Your Strike Pattern

Many people believe that increasing your swing speed will result in longer drives. And, although this has some truth to it, there is more to it than that. Increasing your swing speed will only result in longer drives IF you maintain/improve your strike pattern. For most amateur golfers, a smoother tempo with a stronger strike will result in a longer drive than just a faster swing.

To improve your ball striking, first you need to practice more. As simple as it sounds, there’s a reason why the best ball strikers in the world are the ones that practice 7 days a week. Second, use some strike stickers/tape on your clubs. By applying impact tape to your irons and drivers when practicing, you can begin to hone in on the middle of the club face and recognize the difference between a good and bad strike.

Image result for driver impact tape

Impact tape is a cheap and effective way to monitor your strike patterns with both woods and irons.

Tee it Higher

The key to longer drives is a mid-high launch, with low spin. This will result in maximum hang time and roll. To do this, first you must have the correct driver setup for your swing (shaft, head, loft, face angle). Once you have this, studies have shown that golfers who tee the ball high hit it, on average, further than those with a mid or low tee height. This is because teeing the ball high promotes sweeping up on the golf ball through impact.

While current research is divided between whether the optimum drive should be hit with a descending or ascending angle of attack, for amateur golfers it is much easier to control an ascending angle of attack (hitting the golf ball on the up). So, tee it high and watch it fly!

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