How To: Hit a Low-Bullet Driver

Bullet drive

Many players around the world find themselves stumped, when faced with a windy day at the golf course. Those high-flying drives that carry a great distance end up being weak and ineffective in windy conditions. To help you keep the ball down in the wind and allow for maximum roll, here are three tips to hitting a low-bullet driver.

Tee the Ball Down

This may seem obvious, but teeing the ball down can begin to lower your driver ball flight. Many of today’s drivers see the main sweet spot toward the top of the clubface. This means they perform better when struck slightly higher off the face, so naturally golfers tee their drivers high. Normally, you would like to see ¼ or ½ of the ball above the top line of the head.


Begin by teeing the ball lower – the top of the ball should sit close to flush with the top of the face. (Photo cred:

To hit a lower ball, you want to lower your tee height so that the top of the ball sits almost flush to the top line of the driver. Be careful, when teeing the ball down with your driver, that you do not ‘go searching’ for the ball with a steep descending angle of attack. You want to maintain a shallow angle of attack through impact and create a sweeping motion (this will keep the spin rate down and stop the ball from rising in the wind).

Shift Your Center of Gravity

A second tip to hitting a bullet driver is to slightly shift your center of gravity forward. Normally when hitting driver, you want to keep your weight behind the ball at address and impact. To do this, golfers lean on their right side. This allows the player to hit the driver ‘on the up’ and launch it high with low spin.

To keep the ball down, you want a more even weight distribution at address. Here lies the problem – most golfers when asked to hit a low drive will simply push the ball way back in their stance. Moving the ball far back in your stance will create too much of a descending attack angle and high-spinning drive. So, to counteract this, you want to maintain a good ball position (inside your left heel) and then move your right foot slightly closer to your left. Simply put, you are narrowing your stance whilst keeping the same ball position.

Narrow stance

MeAndMyGolf suggest a narrow stance when attempting to draw the ball. This same principle can be applied, however, to hitting a lower drive. (Photo cred: MeAndMyGolf)

From this position, you have a more even weight distribution whilst maintaining a good ball position. This will begin to lower your driver ball flight.

Grip Down the Club

One final tip to hitting a lower drive is to grip down the club. When gripping the driver, move 1-2 inches further down the grip and keep the same stance distance from the ball. What this does is pull the driver head further up the ball and allows the golfer to, not only strike the ball at a shallow angle but also, strike the ball lower on the face.


Each of these tips can be used individually or combined together, to produce lower drives. Have a go at your local driving range and you will begin to see those low-bullet drives. As always, please follow on Twitter @golfwithpark, Instagram @golfwithpark, and Facebook GolfWithPark


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